About Us

We are located at

228 Hamilton Avenue
Third Floor #303
Palo Alto, Ca 94301

Tel: (650) 906-2272
Cell: (408) 373-5413
Fax: (650) 798-5001

We are an R&D consulting firm in nanotechnology and microfabrication techniques.

Our vision or mission statement is to offer solutions to various nanotechnology and MEMS based products.

Microfabrication consulting started in late 2001 by Dr. Vossough who has over 14 years of industrial
research, academia and startups experience. The beginning of our business is owed to the dynamism of
the MEMS based industries in early 2000. This includes product development efforts for several photonics,
sensors and display startups.

We are a partnership of mostly PhD educated individuals with access to local facilities, including Stanford
Nanofabrication Facility (SNF) for fabrication and metrology of a variety of microsystems and devices. Our
competitive advantage is the lower R&D cost with highly skilled individuals.

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